Solar Systems

Solar Systems are one of our major product. we have successfully installed above 100 systems in punjab with about 30 solar tube wells and Home plus industrial illumination in proivate sector

We offer turn key solutions for our customers in industrial as well home based solar energy systems.

Axpert VM II 3KVA Solar Inverter

We offer state of the art inverter fully Sine Wave Inverter ranging capacities from  1000W to 5000W  based on latest MPPT technology. We have the capacity to build solr system from 10 KW to 100 KW capacity and even more from home to industrial application.

Most of the our work is with state of the art deep Cycle batteries from reputable brand like DAEWOO and RITAR for home application.

Solar Tube well is our one of the major ptoduct. We have successfully delivered above 30 successful projects in Agriculture Sector in diricts of Bhakkar, Mianwali and Layyah in Punjab.